Yellow Sails, 2020


Around the beggining of lockdown I was invited to start working on a new game and become part of what is now Studio Mothmen, Yellow Sails is a dreamy exploration game with a unique art style and direction. When I joined this project I came on to create the sound design (sound effects, enviromental sounds) but also compose the sountrack for the game (linked here). Yellow Sails is still in its alpha phase however new updates will be posted soon. The game can be found on

Solar Instrument, 2019

Web-Instrument designed for solo performance, created in JavaScript

I created this Instrument during my final semester of university. This instrument focuses on creating a new style of performance. Within this model of the solar system, each planet holds musical potential. This can be heard through the control of the amplitude and frequency of an oscillator, and low-frequency oscillator. In future iterations of this project, I aim to host the instrument for wide-scale availability and include networking capacity allowing multiple players to control separate planets from their own devices.

Journey Away, 2019

Develop Brighton Game Jam 2019 *WINNER*

This proof of concept mini-game was created during the 2019 Develop: Brighton Game Jam. The game follows Brighton's West Pier as it leaves the city in an attempt to find new purpose at sea. To create the original sound design and soundtrack for such a site-specific piece I chose to record clashing waves and whirling gulls of Brighton Beach. The instrument heard playing the melody is created using the samples I recorded.

Ensemble Non-Linear

Laptop Orchestra Performance

During my time in attendance at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, I joined the Ensemble Non-Linear. This performance group aimed to create new instruments for group performance focused on the audio programming language ChucK. This video demonstrates our use of technology at the time but also our style of performance.

When a fire start to burn

Instrument Design for Ensemble Performance

In my time with Ensemble Non-Linear, I was able to create a performance piece with fellow member, Peter Ko. In this video, you will hear the sounds of a slowly growing fire. Performers were required to move around the performance space in an attempt to subdue the fire with specific key commands on computers placed around the space.

Live Coding

Live-Coding performance designed in TidalCycles

During my time in attendance at professor Shawn Lawson's class at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, I joined forces with fellow student Arielle Cerini in creating a live audio-visual coding piece utilising SuperCollider and TidalCycles.

Short Films

Collection of short science fiction films

During my final years at university, I created a series of short films. These films all followed themes of science-fiction and space travel. Although the films contain no dialogue they are intended as textural pieces on how I envision emotional responses to world-altering new technologies.

Soundscape Instrument

Mixing Tool for Sonic Design

Soundscape Instrument allows a performer to convert their gestures into musical triggers. Utilizing the Microsoft Kinect in tandem with Max/MSP, I was able to capture the players' skeletal tracking points and map them to triggers within Ableton giving the performer control of panning, amplitude, start/stop, etc.